My name is Firman Abdurrahman and I attended the university gunadarma kalimalang bekasi. In this blog I’ll tell you my everyday life and my activities. Before that I was grateful to have read my blog even though its content is not too much but hopefully useful, thank you. Hi I have sex male, I am tall, and I used it. My true nature to be stoic, reticent and house music, but when it’s near cool stuffs and Harleys, rame was certainly crazy. My Keigiatan does away with sleep, games, tasks, and sports. The life of me, I do not have anything and I am just a regular guy but I have the desire and aspiration of success, it’s all people are also definitely want to. I could not silence his person but I am very selfish and whatever his wishes must be achieved so that the pleading. I don’t think his simple people other people and what people said. This is me, oh yes, I love the comments and when necessary or when you are not happy, which is clearly not what it is I too think about what word you guys and I really like with paramore.


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